Caught someone's eye in the check out line? Made a connection with someone at the red light? If you are trying to find them then chances are they might be trying to find you and the best place to look is Billings Craigslist Missed Connections!

Every week I read the most epic Missed Connections from the week before... Here are the best:

Lady at walmart wine section - m4w

"It's a long shot, but we talk about wines, we where both at the wine section looking at wines, you where looking for a Cabernet and couldn't remember the name brand of wine all you remember it was a long name with many letters. If you see these message will like to invite you for dinner. I had a dark blue shirt."

Short blonde girl Taco johns grand - m4w

body: athletic
age: 24
You seem to be a little smiley whenevr i come in. Mornings are when i see you. You seem like a cool person to get to know. Its a long shot but reply if you know who i am

Disk golf - w4m

"April 18th around 8pm You were on the corner of Virginia and park hill playing disk golf with your friends when you saw me pull up to the stop sign. Tell me what I looked like, what car I was driving (color and make), and a face pic. I wanna find you."


There are more where that came from! If you loved going through the Missed Connections then you are in good company... I love it, too! Here are some past Craigslist Missed Connections for your entertainment!

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