The MOMS Club of Billings is hosting their 4th annual Preschool Fair at the Billings Public Library, on Saturday, January 11 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Representatives from 14 local preschools will be together in one space to answer any questions you may have about their school. Children of all ages are welcome to attend with their parent or caregiver. It's never too early to explore your early childhood education options. 

The MOMS Club is also accepting new members. From the MOMS Club:

If you are a mother who is interested in the world around you, want a variety of regularly scheduled activities for you and your children, and love to serve your community, then MOMS Club is for you! Members can bring their children with them to just about everything they do. You don’t have to hire a sitter to go to one of their meetings. Having children with them is just part of being a mom and they understand that. MOMS Club believes you should be able to participate in the community — with your children. Being a mother should not isolate you. The club plans all sorts of activities for their members and their children. There are playgroups, babysitting coops, book club meetings, moms night out, service projects, speaking presentations, tours of local businesses, and so much more. 

They now offer four chapters serving Heights, Shepherd, Lockwood, Billings, Laurel, and Columbus. For more information about MOMS Club and how to join, please email them at:

Central Billings area: 

West end: 

Heights, Shepherd, & Lockwood:

Laurel & Columbus areas:

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