Downtown Billings is about to light up in a big way! Despite our terrible temperatures and record snowfall this plan is in motion right now. A team of awesome people who specialize in lighting are here to make our magic city that much more magic. Phase one on Montana Avenue Magic project is right on par with the Depot's biggest fundraiser The Taste Of Billings Black Tie Gala that happens this Saturday.

So what is going to change on Montana Avenue you ask? Step one of beautification project for the last two years has been to wrap every tree on the street in lights and wireless speakers. They said the whole point of doing this is inspire pride in our city. We all do take ALOT of pride of living in Billings so this is a wonderful addition for sure. Great job to everyone who is doing the hard work of installing and those who made it happen! It really will bring a "wow factor" to downtown. I can not wait to see the final product! Special shout to Jennifer Mercer for all of her hard work of helping out downtown.

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