In the world of news and talk radio, the vast majority of the airtime is on politics, government, issues, conflicts and controversies.  Principles are included as the impetus for all the politics and so forth.  Sprinkle in some humor and the occasional local sports story, and you have the basics to fill some hours.  The rarer moments are when everything stops for the expression of fundamental human openness and connection.

Such a moment happened last Friday with a guest host.

Mrs. Tammy Hall covered for Montana Talks host Aaron Flint for a couple days while he attended a military dedication.  Her husband Kelly assisted with the callers, and her brother Shane Montalban co-hosted from Canada via phone.  Tammy and Shane grew up in this state.  The trio welcomed guests and callers and engaged in conversations on topics local and national.

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With only minutes until their show finished for the week, Shane insisted on a couple minutes for something important he wanted to say, and finally had to cut Tammy off from what she was talking about on air to get his chance.

Here is what Shane said, in his own words, about two very influential women in his life:

Yes I knew, in the midst of that, Tammy would need Kleenex.  I had to pull out my bandana.

For all the big siblings in the younger generations out there: yeah, I know, little brother can be a nuisance sometimes.  I was one.  It's kinda like wedding vows: for better, for worse, in sickness and in health and so forth.  With time and love and involvement, with playtime and meals and road trips and holidays, Little Brother will learn from you and appreciate all you have done for him.

The investment now will pay big dividends in years to come.

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