This story came across Associated Press, and I almost blew it off.  When scanning over it, saw that Montana is 5th in the nation for love of nachos.  Nachos?  Really?

This standing is based on Google Trend search data, apparently based on interest in the food per capita.  States scoring higher are Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico and Michigan.

Why Are Nachos So Popular?

Perhaps the first selling point is the versatility.  Nachos can be custom made to tastes and ingredients on hand.  The next may be that it's a finger food, forks optional (I do use a fork along the way).  The AP noted the sociability of nachos with a group or a party during a game.  

Nachos Are a Well-Balanced Meal

Really, they are.  Just look at the dish.  The tortilla chips provide the carbs.  The protein is from the meat like beef or pulled pork.  Vegetarians are not out of luck because they can make nachos with refried beans, and the cheese has protein.  While on the cheese, there's our dairy.  Don't forget the sour cream.  And for vegetables we have the tomatoes, lettuce, chiles and peppers, olives, guac and salsa.


Who is calling nachos junk food??

Credit: Coffeefy Workafe, Unsplash
Credit: Coffeefy Workafe, Unsplash

Well okay, the chips are high in fat and sodium, but they make lightly salted chips to reduce the sodium intake.  If concerned over tortilla chips, I wonder if low-sodium pita chips would make a healthier substitute.

You can really play around with nacho variation.  And something outside the box may be really good.  Beef with pineapple is surprisingly tasty; how good would the two be in nachos?  I may have to try that.

Have a delicious twist on nachos?  Please let us all know.

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