Rut row.... *Hangs head in slight shame*

Is anyone else getting tired of being on all these national councils' lists for being the worst at basically everything? Wish someone would talk about how gorgeous our lakes and mountains are! In all seriousness though... How did California get a "B?"

KBUL Newsroom - A report released today by the National Safety Council shows that no state goes far enough to protect residents from preventable death and injuries, which could occur on the road, at work or in the comfort of one’s home.  The study graded each state for safety measures. None of the 50 states received an “A” rating. However, Montana was among the states receiving an “F."

Seven states –including Maryland, Illinois, Maine, Oregon, Connecticut, California and Washington — received a “B” rating.

Eleven states ranked at the bottom — Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Mississippi, Idaho and Missouri — received the dreaded “F” rating overall.

The report evaluated each state within three sections — road safety, home and community safety and workplace safety. The report was released at the end of National Safety Month.

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