Whether by tradition, culture, or even just because you're bored, there are plenty of reasons people play games during the holiday season. For those celebrating Hanukkah, spinning the dreidel is a tradition. In my household, we get out playing cards and play multiple games of Canasta, all while trying to keep the peace when someone in our family gets really cutthroat in that game. I asked around the office about which games their families played and here's what I found out.

Card Games are Extremely Popular

Out of everyone I asked here at our studio, the majority of folks love to play card games with their families. As stated before, my family loves to play Canasta. Michael from The Morning Mix loves to play Norwegian Rummy and Hearts, and Aaron Flint from KBUL NewsTalk said that Whist is another favorite among Norwegian Montanans.

One person in our sales team even enjoys playing Hand and Foot, which is a game I haven't ever heard of. According to the rules describing the game, it seems similar to Canasta. Perhaps it's something my family should try, but first, we need to talk about board games as well, because those are quite popular among our staff too.

Which Board Game Do We Like the Best?

According to our staff, Yahtzee is the most played board game at Christmas, right next to Monopoly and Taboo. But our market president has some more unorthodox choices of board games that I think any family would enjoy; Kingdomino and Sword & Skull. Check out these awesome games next time you want to enjoy a board game with your family.

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