I could spend hours walking around antique shops and flee markets. I love looking over all the old things and things that people have taken and restored or even new things that were made to look older. I would classify my home as modern farmhouse or country chic and antique shops and shows are where I find most of my pieces.

Marketplace 3301 (corner of 1st Ave and 33rd St.) The place is HUGE and full and really good finds. I don't think I've ever gone in and left with nothing. I found out though that it is the biggest antique store/mall in Montana. The place really is huge (44,000 sq ft to be exact) so if you are heading there make sure to give yourself quite a few hours to go through! With over 100 vendors, I'm sure you will find something. And today there is a flea market going on so make sure to check it out!!

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