Wet Nose Wednesday is our Favorite Day at TSM Billings 

Because we get to meet dogs like Moochie Boots! This black and white puppy is so loving, and immediately crawled into my lap to give me kisses. She won the hearts of everyone in TSM Billings and she will win yours over too. 🐾🖤 

Credit: Nikki V.
Credit: Nikki V.    Such a lover. Likes to cuddle, and is very playful!

Back Story Moochie Boots  

Moochie Boots was part of a family who had children in the home, but the family felt she was too energetic around the kids. They surrendered her to YVAS and we know someone will fall in love with her cuteness and loving energy! I wanted to bring her home today... but my spouse would not be pleased with adding a 4th dog 😏.  

Credit: Nikki V.
Credit: Nikki V.     You can see her white bootie paws!

Breed and Personality  

Moochie Boots is a 6-month-old female pup who looks like a Boston Terrier. But she’s actually a Staffordshire Bully mix. Her black and white colors are gorgeous, and just the tip of her tail looks like it was dipped in paint, as well as her little paws. Too precious!

Moochie Boots is shy at the YVAS kennel, but when she meets new people she absolutely sparkles. Her smile is infectious, and she just wants belly rubs- lots of them.  

We nicknamed her Wiggle Worm because she gets so excited that her tail just goes crazy with wiggles. Moochie Boots rides well in the car and does great on a leash. She’ll make the perfect hiking or dog park buddy. She is spayed, vaccinated, and chipped!  

Moochie Boots is ready for her furever home, and we know she will be someone’s best friend! 

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

More about Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.  

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has been around the Billings Community since 2007 and became the official city companion for sheltering animals in 2009. Since the creation of YVAS, they have become the largest animal shelter in Montana, with over 5,000 animals coming through their doors each year.   

Right now, YVAS is more than just a shelter. They work toward reuniting lost pets with their owners, provide adoption services, offer foster care for pets, and go out of their way to volunteer in the community.  

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