I understand that they feel terrible about this but I can't believe that this is the solution. Kids in this age group are more likely to be depressed than any other time in history. I've been reading a lot lately how kids are less happy, less active, date less, have sex less and even party less... WHAT THE WHAT?! These were all the things our parents were scared of lol but now teens aren't really doing that AND facing metal health issues. The LAST thing I want is for a trained counselor to be removed!!! It really is a need... Agree or disagree??

KCTR Newsroom - Budget cuts to Billings School District 2 mean Middle Schools will be without mental health counselors. KTVQ.com reports that one of the top six actions recommended to the 2017 legislature by the Montana Suicide Mortality Review Team was mandatory depression screening for all school children ages 11 to 17 and development of school district mental health crisis response protocols.

The Rimrock Foundation said Wednesday that recent state budget cuts, which impact the Foundation’s Medicaid reimbursements, mean the defunding of three mental health counselors across the district. Rimrock CEO Lenette Kosovich said they feel terrible about this, and that counselors were implemented in the middle schools a decade ago as a way to address mental health concerns before students entered high school. Counselors have been designated to each SD2 high school to address mental health issues and addiction issues.

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