This just goes to show how amazing and caring Montana is. We are lucky enough to have firefighters from all of the nation come to help battle the fires across the state. So being the Montana folks that we are of course we want to do what ever we can to say thank you and help those from other states and those from here. When Dr. Kim told me about this I teared up big time. The Montana Chiropractic Association  and participating chiropractors around the state are offering FREE care to all of the firefighters.

I can not even imagine how hard their job is. When there is danger we run from it, but not them they run towards it. Their gear has to weigh a ton and I am sure it takes a toll on their bodies.  If you know someone who is helping to battle the blazes around the state or if you yourself are one of the brave who are battling the flames take advantage of getting some free care. Thank you to all who are helping put out the fires. If you would like to find out what chiropractors are participating check out and thank you again for all that do and have done for us. Big shout out to the Meiers for helping to make this happen and for all that they do too!

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