I know I am not alone on this, but when you hear a song or even just a beat that catches your ear it sticks with you. You find yourself humming it what ever you are doing. Example: "Rah, rah-ah-ah-ahc Roma, roma-maa Gaga, ooh-la-la Want your bad romance"

What I sing to this tune is "rah, rah,ah,ah,ah Gaga ooh la-la cant believe I have not washed pants....in this long". I added my own line to the end of that. Clearly. I read an article about how music and your mind, body, and soul all work together. Jason Silva is the one who talked about how important that we can hear music in our hearts because it keeps us happy. Agreed is the only word I can think of the describe that  statement.    I am not going to say I didn't believe it when I read because it seemed so OMG lets make you cry post, but I believed it when I felt it. Music heals. Music is a heartbeat in your ears. You can close your eyes and get lost in the words. To me that is powerful. Meaningful. Wonderful. Every beat of a song makes you feel, and that is so special. There are a few songs that really hit my heart hard in both positive ways and negative ways. I know I am not alone on that. So my question is.... what song brings happiness to your heart?


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