Before I had kids I didn't realize how truly destructive those little monsters are. My kids (one in particular) breaks EVERYTHING.  This week I discovered that one of the mini's had somehow broke my crock pot.  I loved that crock.  We got it for a wedding gift almost exactly 8 years ago. I've used it hundreds of times. It had the built in timer, which was handy. And, ever since I discovered crock pot liners a couple of years ago, it's made crocking even better.

Imagine my disappointment (rage?) when I found the ceramic bowl part of my beloved Crock Pot completely cracked in half on the pantry floor. Under direct questioning, none of my rugrats admitting knowing absolutely any details on how it perhaps got broken. My theory goes like this...

Kid sees something on the top shelf of the pantry.  Could have been chips, cookies, or some other food item that takes minimal preparation (because they're lazy like that).  Kid reaches for junk food item, and in the process knocks a jar of spaghetti sauce or similar heavy can/jar over. Thanks to gravity, said can/jar smashes into crock pot.  Again, this is just my theory.  But I'd put money on it that I'm exactly right.

Anyway... I'll be shopping for a new crock.  Found THIS ONE on Amazon, direct from Crock-Pot.  Time to whip out the debit card.



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