For most American's coffee is a way of life.

We start our day with it. We drink obsessive amounts of it when we're tired. We meet friends for it. We have dates with it. We spend hours inside coffee shops studying and using free wifi! We have shirts with coffee graphics or memes saying "No talkie before coffee." It's just part of our culture and I'm 100% all about it!

And in most towns there are many choices to pick from. Each place with it's own vibe, own kinds of roasted beans, and types of people that hang out there. Billings has SO many places to pick from! If you don't have a favorite place in Billings then I don't know if you'll ever find one.

Here's a list of some of my favs!

Rock Creek Coffee Roasters
- LOVE their vanilla chai. It is to die for. Best chai lattes I've ever had!

Ebon Coffee Collective
- Just a block from the station so I like running there really quick in the middle of the work day. Plus, they serve everything in a glass mason jar and I love that!

The Annex Coffeehouse & Bakery
- I don't just go there for drinks. The food is where it's at! The pastries and donuts that these guys pump out are hands down the BEST!

MoAv Coffee House
- I love the vibe in this place and love that it's downtown. Modern yet warm. A place I could sit for hours with a friend and chat up!

Mazevo Coffee
- Two locations to pick from! The one on 1st Ave is just a block from my building and although the size of the shop is small it is actually really cozy and I love that. I feel like I'm at a boutique but for coffee!

Then of course you've got City Brew and Starbucks! I frequent both places and love everything on both menus but if I can I try to pick a local shop downtown and support them! Hope this list helps you pick the perfect place to celebrate National Coffee Day!

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