Changes are underway at Billings area Holiday Station Stores.

Holiday stores around Montana are switching out their logos for Circle K. We haven't personally witnessed the rebrand that's happening at locations around Billings, but a Reddit user shared a pic on February 2 of new signage going up on the Holiday at King and Overland/S. 20th St W.

a gas pump
Gas is gas, right? Credit Canva

Circle K was founded in Texas in the 1950s.

According to the company timeline, Circle K was formed in 1951 by Fred Hervey when he purchased three Kay’s Food Stores in El Paso, Texas , which became the beginning of Circle K. By 1975 the company had opened its 1,000th store and has continued to expand its footprint in the convenience store industry. Reportedly they purchased the Holiday Station Stores a few years ago, but we were unable to confirm a date.

Expect a new look, but what else?

We aren't sure what to expect about the convenience store brand-name swap to Circle K from Holiday. I mean... aren't all big chain gas stations essentially the same? Fuel, snacks, drinks, and an ever expanding selection of ready-to-eat hot and cold food items?

Is the company better or worse than Holiday when it comes to pay and how they treat its employees? Will rewards points automatically transfer? Are their hot dogs and coffee the same? If you know more about the rebrand, feel free to reach out. You can Chat on our app, message on Facebook, or reach me at

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