Nick Offerman will be in town on September 29th at the Shrine and we have your chance to win some free tickets for the rest of the week! Listen with Kris and I around 7:35am to get hooked up. This is a show you don't want to miss. He is defiantly one of the funniest stars in Hollywood and so is his wife. If you don't recognize her name I know you will recognize her work. She plays Karen on Will and Grace! Can you imagine what a hoot their home life must be like?!

I ran across an article on Buzzfeed that was talking about things you may not know about their relationship. They sound like they have got this game of love down! They meet back in 2000 while doing a play together. She was 41 and well he lied about his age to her. She was under the impression he was in his late 30's when in fact he was 29 and when she found that out she was not happy. Yet it still worked out. He found her hilarious and asked for her number. Instead of giving him her phone number she gave him her fax haha ooops!

They tried to avoid going steady at the time because they worked together but that didn't last long. After 18 months of dating he popped the question with a heart-shaped box that he hand carved with her engagement ring inside. How stinking sweet is that?! They tried to have children but were unable to so they decided to become proud parents to some poodles. They love watching trash t.v together like Bachelor/Bachelorette and doing jig saw puzzles and listening to audio books. That is my kind of relationship fun! Plus they are just so cute together. Their matching outfits over the years are so funny. Have you ever seen them in the matching bright yellow overalls? So worth the google! See I told you...# LifeGoal. If  you have not got your tickets yet you can get them here

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