Happy Nurse Appreciation Week to all of the wonderful nurses! This week started back in 1982. It starts on May 6th and ends on May 12th. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations, take time to recognize the nursing community for their extraordinary care that they provide all of us. When we need them they are always there to help you in anyway. So this week take some time to thank a nurse and celebrate what they do. It can not be an easy job at all. So thank you to all of you for your hard work!

If you are a nurse there are a few places that you can some free stuff this week. One of those places being Cinnabon in Rimrock Mall. I called to make sure that they are participating in this nationwide event and guess what... they sure are! If you are a nurse stop by Cinnabon and show them your medical id badge and they will hook you up! They are offering a choice for a Free Cinnabon-Classic Cinnamon Roll, MiniBon, or a four count of their newest treat, BonBites. Swing by and grab your free sweet treat sometime this week! Happy Nurse Appreciation Week!

If you know of any other places that are giving freebies or discounts to nurses let us know so we can spread the word!


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