I highly doubt you saw me, or my tiny white car among the snow, but I definitely saw you. You were moving way too fast for these winter roads and apparently needed to get somewhere quickly. But, what you failed to do is make sure there was plenty of space between your large truck and my small car. When you moved back into my lane, you cut me off and were within centimeters of hitting the front of my little car.

This would have been a disaster for me, as it was rush hour and we were in pretty heavy traffic. My car would have spun out and I would have been hit multiple times as others wouldn't have been able to slow down enough to avoid me. Had it not been for the sensors in my car that automatically slow me down when something gets too close, this exact scenario would have happened.

Unfortunately, this scenario doesn't surprise me at all, but it definitely still disappoints me as a long-time resident of Montana. We have hazardous roads each Winter, and not once since leaving school have I had issues driving in the weather. Except this once. Please pay attention more! It's not that hard, trust me. You'll also be keeping yourself and others safe by doing so.

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This scenario, along with the news of our editor getting hit on the road to work today, makes me want to remind those here of how to best get around on these roads. We have a list of things you should all be doing while driving on these treacherous roads. Please take the extra time to get to your destination safely and slowly. For my safety as well as yours.

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