Since I started dropping weight a few months ago (thanks Go Figure), the most frequently asked question I get is "Don't you miss ______?".  Usually the answer is "not really", or "not enough to choose being fat", but there is something I have yet to face:  The Holidays.

My family is big on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and as many Americans do, we over do it when it comes to food.  In order to not undo what I have accomplished so far, I set out looking for some good recipes that still feel like the holidays, but aren't loaded with sugar and flour.

While searching, I found several sites that listed "favorite holiday meals by state" and for Montana, they all listed the same main entree for Christmas:  Prime Rib.  I already feel stupid for what I am about to share, but here goes...In spite of my great love of a delicious, rare prime rib with au jus and horseradish, I have NEVER made one at home.  I don't know why it has never occurred to me to give it a shot, but I couldn't agree more with the majority of families in the state that this is perhaps the best reason to slaughter a cow.

I'm not sure what research (if any) was done to come to this conclusion, but it sounds right to me and I'm just going to choose to believe it.  Also, in order to not ruin Christmas, I will need to make a few practice Prime Ribs to make sure I get things right.  I'm thinking "low and slow" is probably the secret, but I am open to suggestions if you think yours is perfect.  All I know is that I will no longer suffer through a stupid ham at Christmas.

Prime Rib (like most meats) is on my "virtually unlimited" list of foods that I eat on the Go Figure program.  If you think you could scrape by on something as terrible as delicious prime rib and have some pounds to drop, check out their site.  They've got 30% off right now for the next two weeks to get you started.


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