Today there was allegedly a threat made via Snapchat indicating someone was perhaps planning a school shooting at Senior High. I didn't see the snapchat, so I'm not sure how implied or direct the threat was. To me, it doesn't matter. Considering the number of lives lost to this sort of tragedy, nothing can be ignored anymore. Any threat, no matter how seemingly benign it may be, has to be taken seriously and today's threat definitely got a quick response from law enforcement. Senior High and at least one other school were placed on lock down and the suspect was taken into custody.

I just wanted to not only thank the BPD for their response, but also to the people who took the time to notify the authorities. If you've ever wondered if anyone would actually listen to you if you report something like this, now you know. They not only listen, they act.

Thanks again to the Billings PD and the staff at Billings Schools for working so fast to make sure everybody stayed safe.

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