I know we need the rain but my goodness can it stop already? Don't get me wrong I do love the rain. I love the smell of it I love that it is basically is a free car wash and makes the town look cleaner as well, but I am so ready for nice weather! The good news is the rest of the week right onto the weekend looks pretty wonderful.

With the warm weather just around the corner it is time to get ready for all of the awesome things Billings has to offer! Bike Nights,Summer Fair, Strawberry Festival, Farmers Market, movies in the park, garage sales and of course Alive After 5! Just to name a few! Can you believe the first one is coming up on June first? The kick off to the AA5 seasons starts at The Pub Station with Pinky and The Floyd. If you have never seen them before do don't miss this show. I actually have a few friends who travel great distances to see them because they are so worth it. I know they have played here in town a few time and it always sells out or gets darn close to it. The whole 2017 line up is awesome it will for sure be another great year of live music and cold drinks downtown.

Thinking about summer makes me want to plan camping trips and weekend drives in the mountains to go fishing and hiking! Gosh I can not wait. So rain go away and let us have some awesome weather already! Even if my view from work is gorgeous when it rains I would prefer sunny days any day!

What are somethings that you are looking forward to do this summer?

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