It's LevIOsa not LevioSA. It's TriVia not TriviA. Calling all muggles, broomstick riders, and wand wavers! Come out to Candy Town USA this Friday from 6 pm - 9pm for Harry Potter trivia! This event will benefit Relay for Life. Come find out if you are a true Muggle, Squib, or Wizard.

There will be a costume contest as well as a 50/50 and more. Our town does such a wonderful job of raising money for Relay For Life. I have mentioned it before, but we kick the heck out of most of the nation when it comes to what we do for cancer research. This is a great way to help out and have some fun while doing it. Harry Potter Trivia will be fun for everyone... even if you are a Muggle. Acio Trivia Prize! Hope to see all of you Muggles, Half Bloods, Squibs, and Wizards at Candy Town USA! 9 3/4 is closed because Hogwarts is coming to you!

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