Man, I miss the Rex. Especially back when their food quality and service was awesome.  And that patio!! Arguably one of the best in Billings for people watching and hanging out.  Pop over to the Rainbow next door for a quick shot and then pop back over to the patio.  Good times.

I was excited to hear recently the Rex has been sold and new owners have plans to re-open the space.  I haven't heard if they are keeping the name or not, but it's a great location on Montana Ave.

ANYWAY... how 'bout those Rex Gift Cards that you never got to use before they abruptly closed up shop? In case you missed the story last week, here are the details to get your refund.

  • Write your full name, date, address and the amount you believe is left remaining on your gift card on a piece of paper and sign your name.
  • Enclose gift card
  • Mail to: The Rex Gift Card Reimbursement c/o Moultin Bellingham P.C., PO Box 2559, Billings, MT 59103-2559.
  • Don't wait too long.  The deadline to claim your gift card return is sometime in May. I can't remember exactly when, so do it today.

Cheers to a fun upcoming patio season in Billings!


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