Now this is my kind of run! I am not a runner at all. Pretty much the only time I run is on Black Friday or away from danger haha. Have you seen that episode of Friends when Phebe goes running in the park and she has a super funny crazy run? Yep that is what I look like too. A lot going on but it is just not forward or straight! So I try not to do it as much as possible just to spare the embarrassment. But this run I would do. Wine and for a great cause sign me up! The Wine Mile is coming up check out what it is all about!

A tipsy fun run to help raise money for MS research!!
1 Bottle, 1 Mile, 1 Goal
Please join us as we attempt to rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis one bottle and one mile at a time!  

I can't imagine how silly my run would after some wine! I am willing to risk the giggles from other runners in support of helping out research for MS. Lace up your shoes and get involved! Ticket info can be found here Get signed up and drink towards a cure! ON YOUR MARKS...GET SET...DRINK AND RUN! What a great idea for a great organization.

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