Perhaps you were too busy looking up on August 12-13 to notice some other stars that were in Billings during the airshow weekend. A group of sailors from the ship that carries our hometown's name were also in town for a week of activities around the Magic City.

According to a Navy press release, Commanding Officer Curtis Thomas II, along with Command Senior Chief Andrew Conover, Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Troy Carter, Fire Controlman 2nd Class Daniel Kaufman, and Culinary Specialist 3rd Class Jelaine Hands had a great time meeting Billings residents and checking out some fun stuff.

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

They caught a game at Dehler Park, tossing the first pitch.

From mingling with locals and giving back at Boys and Girls Clubs to stealing the show at a Mustangs baseball game, this crew knew how to seize the moment. The pinnacle was Commanding Officer Curtis Thomas II throwing the opening pitch, a memory Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Troy Carter described as "unforgettable."

Touring the city with Mayor Bill Cole, they explored the Yellowstone Kelly Monument, S Ranch, and the Billings Public Library, home to a monument dedicated to the USS Billings. “It was an honor to represent the crew of USS Billings, and the people of Billings Montana could not have been more hospitable,” said Command Senior Chief Andrew Conover. “I am truly humbled and grateful to such a welcoming and inspirational community.”

US Navy

The crew got to enjoy the Yellowstone International Air Show too.

As the week wrapped up, the sailors witnessed the electrifying Blue Angels performance at Billings Logan airport alongside the local crowd. Reflecting on the adventure, Commanding Officer Curtis Thomas II said, "I am excited to bring my Sailors here to experience and learn first-hand the culture and for them to see the beautiful lands Billings, MT has to offer."


We're so happy to hear they enjoyed their visit to Billings. Next time they're in town, we'll have to see if they can swing by our studios for an on-air visit.

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