One of things I remember most about being a kid is when I would got to go to Sandee's. It was always such a treat for us kids to get to go after various activities. I remember being so super sad when they closed their doors, but that sadness went away as soon as they broke the news that they would be coming back in the form of a food truck! Not only did we get one food truck but we got two! I didn't think it would get any better than that but they shocked us all again with the news of them getting a permanent home here in town!

As soon as they said that I know a lot of people who were obsessed with the idea of where they would go. Now we know! They will be moving into Blondy's burger stand at 1125 S. 27th St. They will be open from 11am - 7pm everyday of the week. I am so excited that was their pick for their new location they will be moving into because it is so close to our studio! Best. News. Ever. Don't worry they will still have their food trucks. So if work on the west end and can't make it down this way you can still get your burger fix. With the new restaurant they plan to add to the menu and have patio seating! They said then plan on trying to open in a week or so. I hope they make that happen!

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