November 25, 2022 is a day I’ll remember forever.

Michael and I from the new Mix Morning Show broadcasted live from the first night at Zoo Montana for Holiday Nights. This light installation is more than incredible… it's unexplainable.

Credit: Nikki Vega
Credit: Nikki Vega

There’s over 10 million LED lights to spark that inner child again.

Kids laughter filled the air, snowballs flew passed us as we wandered the zoo’s grounds. The aroma of cooking kettle corn added just the right touch of magic. Because that’s exactly what I felt while experiencing Holiday Nights out at the zoo- magic! I also highly recommend the green chili in the food court, it was piping hot and full of flavor. The perfect way to warm up at Holiday Nights.

Credit: Nikki Vega
Credit: Nikki Vega ~ Huge Display, must see in person!

We eventually found the jolly guy in red, SANTA!

His photo booth set up was fit for a king. From little details of holly to stockings hanging, the cheery disposition was palpable. Getting a photo with him is a must.
Santa will be on the The Morning Mix Tuesday at 8am, make sure to tune in so know when he’ll be out at Holiday Nights @ Zoo Montana.  Plus, we're giving away more tickets!

Credit: Nikki Vega
Credit: Nikki Vega ~SANTA!!!! I KNOW HIM!!

I talked with Heather, one of the creators of this event and I’m so glad I did.

When I asked Heather how long it took to set this event up, she replied, “two years.”
Holy moly, TWO YEARS!? I wasn’t expecting that answer...
And two years time really shows for Holiday Nights. The precision lining of tree-trunks with lights, to giant light installations, the food caterers, and s’mores huts, I mean- you can appreciate the hard work put into this spectacular event.

Credit: Nikki Vega
Credit: Nikki Vega ~Candy Cane Lane leads to the most magical part of Holiday Nights....

Holiday Nights at Zoo Montana will not disappoint

There’s magical sleigh rides, hot cocoa, and many opportunities around the zoo grounds to take Instagram-worthy photos.
Grab your coat, hat, gloves, boots and layer up!
You wanna spend a good amount of time here and it will get chilly. Bundle up, and make memories to last a lifetime at Holiday Nights Zoo Montana!

Credit: Nikki Vega
Credit: Nikki Vega ~THE PRINCESS CASTLE!!!!

The Castle... was our favorite part. Just wait until you see this in person at Holiday Nights. 

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