I read a story about what is called Share Tables and I can not believe we have not been doing this for years. Schools across the country have found a great way to cut back on food being wasted and to help out kids who may not have the food they need. It is a brilliant idea. The kids are encouraged to drop off anything they don't eat or drink on the "Share Table". Then other kids are then free to take whatever they want or need. Besides helping feed kids who need it they also help out with the local food bank. At the end of the day whatever is left on the Share Table is donated. If it isn't donated they send it home with kids who may not have dinner.

I super love the concept of this. I hope that our schools around here will pick up the idea. In Orange County , Florida they have about 20 schools that have implemented the tables, and they have seen great success. They said with out this program the amount of food that would go to waste is unreal. Instead of hitting the dumpster it goes to those who need it. Way awesome. I hope it catches on across the nation and helps out those who are less fortunate.

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