Ramsey Keller Memorial is near and dear to our hearts and it is amazing when local business help them out. Local Kitchen and Bar has a wonderful deal happening every Monday in November. You can help share the love every Monday by stopping by Local Kitchen and Bar or getting it to go! This is of course in honor of a very special little girl Ramsey Keller. She was only here on this planet for two days, and this month she would have been six. Her life has touched so many. Her parents are absolutely some of the most caring and amazing people I know. Very proud to call them friends. Not only do they help families right here in Billings who have lost a little one, but they help out families statewide. In order to do that they to raise money so these families don't have the stress of financial burden. They take care of everything for the family. At such a terrible time in these families life's it is good to know they have help. Kori and Jeff are amazing to say the least.

Here is how you can help out. If you purchase anything from Local they will donate 25% of their profits to Ramsey Keller Memorial. They want to invite you to help honor her memory and celebrate Ramsey and her family. Be sure to make your reservations at 534-8601. Help share the love!


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