Michael Foth~TSM
Michael Foth~TSM

If you don't have a young child, you may have no idea what a Shopkin is.  They started out as small colorful plastic "blind bag" toys. Like little teapots and ice cream cones and fruits and veggies, etc. about the size of a quarter.  Then the toy line expanded to the Shopkins dolls.  I believe they are called Shoppies.  Check with my kindergarter on that.

ANYWAY... these toys are extremely popular. So much so, that the creators figured a traveling musical show was necessary.  That show is coming to Billings on Sunday afternoon at the Alberta Bair. Yes, I will be there. Because that's what dads do.  Fun dads, anyway. Ha! We got my little one "VIP" tickets for Christmas, which apparently include a meet n greet. I'll give you my full review next week.



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