This is just my opinion so before you go burning me at the stake just hear me out.

Remember when you could just walk into the movie theatre here in Billings on Tuesday's and be able to buy a movie ticket for $5? Any show and at any time? Well, it won't be that easy anymore and it won't be $5 anymore and to me, that sucks!

AMC bought out Carmike theater's here in Billings and the changes have been put into effect and this includes the introduction of AMC Stubs, the new AMC loyalty program. There are two different programs that you can get enrolled in: AMC Stubs Insider (for us broke people who don't care to purchase a membership because we are already taking out a second mortgage to be able to purchase movie tickets for a whole family) and AMC Premiere (for those you want to pay $15 a year to get perks that were once free).

I'll link you over to the AMC website so you can check out all the details yourself but the thing I have to talk about most.... $5 Tuesday's are no longer. If you sign up for the free AMC program then you get $2 off your movie ticket on Tuesday's, which with tickets being $10.75 that will put you at $8.75.  Now, if you sign up for the paid membership THEN you get $5 off your ticket on Tuesday's. This brings an adult ticket down to $5.75 (still not $5, just sayin).

If you go to the movie theater often then the paid membership will pay itself off in just three visits but if you don't then is it really worth it to pay money for a discount? I think that the concessions perks are pretty good (free refills, etc) but I'm still hung up on the idea that I just can't walk in on Tuesday's now and buy a $5 ticket. Non-member. Plain Joe Shmoe.

Click here to go to AMC's website to learn about the two membership options.

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