From dad jokes to dad shoes, dads are just the best. But apparently family time can be a little too much for them sometimes. If you are a dad, you've probably yelled from the other side of the bathroom door for your family to give you some alone time. You've probably yelled that multiple times.

It appears fathers everywhere use the bathroom as a mini-getaway according to a study. People details -

In a recently resurfaced 2018 study commissioned by self-described “bathroom experts” Pebble Grey, results of a poll from 1,000 British men found that, on average, they spend seven hours a year in the bathroom for the specific reason of taking refuge from their families.

That's 7 hours a year just to get some peace and quiet on the porcelain throne. People also hilariously mentioned -

The findings themselves also revealed that 25 percent of men “don’t know how they’d cope” with the stress of home without the bathroom trips, and 23 percent called the bathroom their “safe place.”

Dang, looks like dads just really need some time to themselves, that's not hiding in the bathroom. So next time he's in there, let him be.


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