The Laurel Senior Center on the west end of town recently expanded their facility and took out a loan to cover the costs.  To help reduce this debt, the Center is hosting a spaghetti dinner this Thursday, April 18th from 4:00 in the afternoon until 6.  The Senior Center is located at 720 S 4th Street in Laurel, with the serene Lions Pond just a stone throw west of it.

Enjoy a full pasta dinner with beverages and desserts.  Need more sweets?  An old-fashioned bake sale will have goodies for the cookie jar or the cake box.

Selection of baked goods.cookies, brownies, muffins etc.
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A Silent Auction has paintings and gift cards to local golf courses.

This is also a great opportunity to see the improvements made to the Center.  The parking lot has been refitted to accommodate disabled visitors.  The building has been renovated and brightened for a warm welcome atmosphere.

Sounds Good.  How Much Does It Cost?

The dinner itself costs the amount you wish to donate to the Laurel Center.  Tickets are not needed; just c'mon in.

Gail, a Fundraising Volunteer for the Center, Reiterates the Details on Montana Talks.

She also explains her support in action for local elderly, and the accessible activities the senior visitors can enjoy.

"Well, the opportunity's there for people who have a little older and maybe don't have a lot to do at home. They can come they have yoga, they have exercise class, they have cards."

I should caution about playing against these seasoned card sharks.  Like Kenny Rogers sang, "Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em; Know when to walk away, know when to run."

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