I have to say when it comes to scary stuff and the dark I am a total baby. So when I read about this I was like no way not for me, but I do know a lot of people who would get such a kick out of this. The combination of the mountains, night time, and scary stories would make it so I could not sleep for days! The dark and mountains don't get me too bad. It's the combo of those three things! I can't handle scary stories in the comfort of my own home in the daytime! If you love that scary combination of things you should check out the Magic City Night Run.

It happens on October 27th from 5pm-12am in the Pryor Mountains. They said to bring your amber lights and your very best scary stories. A night of scary stories would for sure make me cry haha If you are interested in this they want you to meet at the Cenex in Bridger at 5pm. They plan on heading out around 5:30pm-6pm. If you are not afraid of the dark and scary stories are your jam this should a spooky great time for you and your pals. The details are on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/282316969053355/

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