Today I received an email about this incredible cause. The Goldwing Road Riders Association Teddy Bear Run to support The Shriner's Children Hospital needs our help to make a child's day just a little brighter. If you can help out please do! Here are the details of what they are in need of and the event they have coming up at Shipton's Big R. Let's help raise some big bucks for these kids and collect items they need!

Goldwing Road Riders Association

Teddy Bear Run”

To Support the Shriner’s Children Hospital

Riding to Make a Child’s Tomorrow Better and Brighter”

We need your help and the help of the community to put a smile on the face of a small child and make their day just a little brighter.

GWRRA is a non-profit group of motorcycle enthusiasts from Billings, Montana. Our Goldwing Chapter supports charities that help children because “children are our future”. One of the charities we support is the Shriner’s Children Hospital in Spokane, Washington. Children from infancy to age 18 from Montana, Idaho and the surrounding area have benefited from work done at the Shriner’s Children Hospital.

Admission to the hospital is based on medical need,

and ALL services are FREE to all patients.

This is why we need your help….

There will be a BBQ held to raise donations on

May 21, 2017

At the west end Shipton’s Big R on Gable Road

From 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Donations of NEW items such as toys, backpacks, games, puzzles, craft kits and of course CASH will be accepted during the BBQ.

Please help to make the annual Teddy Bear Run a success and


There is no better reward on this earth.

Attached is a list of some of the types of items needed.

Items Needed:

New stuffed animals of all sizes Glitter Nail polish

Board games (for all ages) Lip gloss

Puzzles (for all age levels) Nail polish (light or metallic colors)

Decks of cards Body lotions

Hand held electronic games Bath gels

Color books, crayons, wash off markers Sport posters

Storybooks Sport bottles

Young teen novels Sport pennants

Card games: Skipbo, Uno Cartoon character posters

Craft items such as: Pierced earrings

Jewelry bead sets Yo-yo’s

Macramé craft sets Bubbles

Paint by number sets Slinkys

Model kits Nerf toys

Sand art kits Tote bags

Stationary and stationary sets Baseball hats

Music CD’s and cassettes (for all ages) Travel games

Match Box cars & trucks DVD’s & Videos with Spanish subtitles

(Rated G, PG & PG-13)

Phone Cards (International and regular phone cards – 10-20 minute limits)


Fanny packs

(Any type of bag that could be placed on the back of a wheelchair)

Fingerless gloves

These are just a few of the items needed. Use your imagination…

What could a child use while confined to a wheelchair, in a bed, or on crutches??

In past years, our Chapter has been able to provide thousands of dollars worth of needed items to the hospital for the children. We were able to purchase these much needed items through donations, grants and barbeques held to obtain funds for the Teddy Bear Run.

Please help us with a donation….

Help support the GWRRA “Teddy Bear Run”

You won’t regret it!

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