The circus starts today at 7 PM, and they will be in town for a few days. First show is 7 PM today. Tomorrow all the way up to Sunday they will have showings at 4 PM as well as at 7 Pm. Here is the best part... you can get a voucher that allows you to see the first showing daily for free! Kids get in for free with the purchase of an adult ticket.

We had a very nice gentlemen in this week who talked about how they care for the animals. I thought it was really cool to hear from someone who works with these cute souls. Did you know that an elephant could learn in a week how to stand on its hind legs? Pretty smart if you ask me! I can not even get my dog to sit! So much fun to be  had for the whole family. If you are curious about the animals you can join our new pal Lucky today at 4 PM. You will get to see the elephants eat supper and ask all the questions you may have. Free event today!


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