My husbands birthday was last week and while I was trying to find a place to get cupcakes from, I started to receive a lot of input about where to get the cupcakes. Apparently, my friends are very picky about their baked goods!

I got the cupcakes I needed from Velvet here in downtown Billings and usually when there is a birthday in my office we get a cake from there. DELICIOUS. But honestly that is the only place I have actually tried. The other two are highly recommended from friends.

1. Velvet 

2. Tea City & Cupcakes

3. Jayne's Signature Sweets 

I like having recommendations up my sleeve for anything in case I or someone I know is in need of something. So, if the future, should I need cupcakes, are these the places that you would recommend? Or is there somewhere or someone you know of that I should know of? Let me know!

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