Last Friday I got to do the coolest thing ever! I got to go out to The Maize At Grandpa's Farm and fly over it! This year is a big year for them as they are celebrating 20 years! I love the corn maize! Not the scary one haha but the regular one is right up my alley. I will tell you what flying over the maize in a helicopter was way neat! I got a chance to see the pattern of the maize from the sky. Check it out below. One of the best things about the maize is that it is great for the whole family. It doesn't matter how young or old you are it is always a wonderful time! If you go with me I promise it will take forever to get out haha I am not what you would call super great with directions. I tend to get lost very easy. That is why I always bring a friend who can navigate with me! Hope that you have a chance to go out and have some fun at The Maize At Grandpa's Farm!


2017 brings a great opportunity to relive some of our favorite past mazes and enjoy some future favorites. Like our new larger pumpkin patch, a paintball shooting gallery and co-location of Bad Bear Laser Tag. We also couldn't do this with out the Kramer Family. They have been growing corn and children on this Farm since 1930.

A big thanks to everyone who has helped us make a difference since 1997!


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