There are a lot of hobbies out there that one could have but up until March of 2017 there was one hobby that couldn't be done within Billings city limits.


Yup! You read that right. Beekeeping. While watching the honey bees could be entertaining for hours I'm all for the benefits... HONEY! While I'm not sure how many bee's it takes to produce enough honey to eat I do know that you can't raise bees (as a job) within the city limits of Billings. You can only have a specific amount of bees and their hive's, etc in Billings as a hobby. You can check out the ordinance HERE.

I am not a beekeeper so I'm sure you are wondering how in the heck I found this out. Well, Kaitlyn from our morning show, had actually come into my office asking about what she thought was a hoax on Facebook. She said that someone had posted about Billings planning to ban dancing within city limits because you know... dancing leads to babies. She wanted to be sure this was indeed a hoax.

No worries. It totally is.

But in order to find out if it had passed as an ordinance I had to go to the City of Billings webpage and look at the ordinances and low and behold... Beekeeping!

Well, now you know! If you love bees and it's your hobby, you can now get a permit from the city and go crazy (well, within the ordinance rules)!

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