Today Kris and I went on an adventure to find some treasures at a local thrift store. To be honest I could spend hours and hours looking at all the awesome things you can take home for next to nothing. Oh boy did find some awesome stuff today! Kris fell in love with a phone and a set a speakers that only cost $18.00 total. I on the other hand found a real gem.

Picture golf... picture pool as in the game. Well if they had a baby that is what I found! I have not played it yet but the box says that is exactly what it is! It also says it is great from home, club house, work etc. So since it said work I figured we could play! I mean it is for work! Plus we do have another round of Pub Golf coming up here in March so practice is a must. Point being I love that one mans/woman's trash can be someone else treasure. We found a few other things that I hope are awesome. We played the grab bag game so who knows what is in them! Tomorrow morning Jeff and I will open our little bags and see what we got! Why not roll the dice on a $2.00 bag right?! Plus they are a gift from Kris so we can not say no haha

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