Don't get me wrong I love KFC, but this seems a little weird to me. Yum Brands KFC is going to test out "faux chicken" in the U.K. They plan to introduce a vegetarian version of its chicken. It will include the same 11 spices that they use in their chicken already. My question is what could it possibly be made with? To be fake chicken and fast food chicken.... makes one wonder.

They have not said much about their new project. In fact they don't even know how this will go over with those who don't eat meat. They did say if all goes well they plan to launch the new options in 2019. They also stated if it goes well in the U.K. this is something they would add to the menu company wide. They are not the only food chain that is trying new things when it comes to the menu. Several other fast food chains are offering vegan options. Those menus now have something for everyone. I am curious if it will in; fact taste like their chicken. If it doesn't the good news is you can wash it down with their delicious mashed potatoes. Those are a little cup of happiness!

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