Major home improvements, like a new kitchen or remodeling a bathroom or blowing out walls or whatever, are expensive, time consuming and usually outside the scope of the average person. Who has the tools, time and expertise?  Sure, you could learn how to do those complex projects yourself (thanks YouTube!), but lets be honest. Most of the time you never end up doing the major projects for the reasons already mentioned. Or, if you do, you just save up the money and hire a professional.

A couple of weeks ago this new light fixture showed up in our mail, that the wife had ordered from eBay like two months ago. Some times eBay orders take a LONG time to get here when they're shipped from China. Anyway, the fixture sat in its box for a couple of weeks until it got bumped up on my honey-do list to "high priority."

I grumbled a little about how I had "just replaced the bedroom light fixture a couple of years ago" and "I'm not sure why we need a new one." It's true. I did replace it already, but it was more like 8 years ago. But, her wish is my command, so I gathered the necessary tools, made sure the light switch was turned off (electrical shocks = no fun) and in about a 1/2 hour the project was done. I flipped on the the new light and it is awesome! It totally changed the look of our bedroom, cost less than $30 and was ridiculously easy. Momma loves it, baby loves it, and I'm quite pleased with the results as well.

If you are a home improvement beginner, seriously consider starting out with something easy like new light fixtures. The results are dramatic and can really update the look of your room(s) with minimal cost.

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