Wet Nose Wednesday- Our Favorite Day of the Week at TSM Billings! 

 Timber is TERRIFIC and she was surrendered to YVAS (Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter) due to “aggression issues.” We cleared this up with YVAS and they said she isn’t aggressive, she just likes to bark. What dog doesn’t like to bark??? Like really people? She is just being a dog. And she's looking for her person to take her home. 

Credit: Nikki V.
Credit: Nikki V.   Timber is so happy when she receives butt rubs!

Timber is the longest stay day at the shelter, but that doesn’t mean she’s a naughty dog. She just wants to be loved and cared for. And she's a beautiful girl. Timber is about 6 years old, and she’s vaccinated, as well as spayed. She smiles a lot, and loves her belly rubbed. She’s food motivated, but was well-behaved as we fed her treats for being a good doggie.  

Credit: Nikki V.
Credit: Nikki V.  Food motivated, and well trained!

Personality and Breed  

Timber is a German Shepard- Rottweiler mix, but possibly some Aussie Shepard in her genetics too. This means she has tons of energy and really enjoys long walks, or a big yard to run around in. Timber does well in the car and loves to be near her human.  

 Candace and Kittly from YVAS told us she gets along with most dogs, but a meet and greet with other dogs is definitely necessary. We don’t know if she would be great with kids yet, or cats. But we can always try. She has a bit of nervous energy, but once she gets to know you, she is quite comfortable.  

 If you’d like more information on this terrific girl named Timber, contact Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. 

Credit: Nikki V.
Credit: Nikki V.

More about Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. 

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has been around the Billings Community since 2007 and became the official city companion for sheltering animals in 2009. Since the creation of YVAS, they have become the largest animal shelter in Montana, with over 5,000 animals coming through their doors each year.  

Right now, YVAS is more than just a shelter. They work toward reuniting lost pets with their owners, provide adoption services, offer foster care for pets, and go out of their way to volunteer in the community. 

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