This is pretty exciting news for Rimrock Mall. They have two new places to eat! This is awesome considering we have lost a few stores in the mall this year. I still miss Orange Julius but having these new places makes it a lot better. Plus Krispy Kreme coming back helps too! It is going to smell so good over by the mall as soon as they start making those mouth watering donuts. Any way one of the new places is Snackery's they are already open from what I hear. They are locally owned and located right over by Kay Jewelers and Cinnabon. I can't wait to check them out their treats sound amazing. Roasted nuts, cotton candy, popcorn, and some other sweet treats is what they have at their kiosk. I could roasted nuts everyday all day they are weakness of mine.

The second one is called Burger's and Such and this is their very first location in Billings. They are set to open this month. This a must to check out too! They are in the food court and have burgers, sandwiches, and salads. All of this sounds super delicious right now. Pretty happy we have so many new businesses coming to the mall and to Billings in general. Can't wait to see what we get next! I still have the dream of a Dave and Busters or an IN-N-OUT Burger. Maybe one day my dream will come true. With how fast Billings is growing who knows what could come to the Magic City next.

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