We definitely played ultimate frisbee in the military a time or two, especially if you wanted to have a more laid back day of physical training. But ultimate frisbee...on horseback? I gotta say that's the first I'd seen that.

I was able to tag along with Montana's Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) for a great visit to Horses Spirits Healing just north of Billings. Horses Spirits Healing is a great organization serving veterans, first responders, and their families with therapeutic programs featuring horses.

Here's the deal, as HSH founder Paul Gatzemeier told us, Horses Spirits Healing isn't just about bringing in veterans for a trail ride. They learn how to work with the horses from start to finish. Working with the horses is part of the therapy.

Congressman Rosendale toured the facility, met with the veterans, and then jumped on horseback for the game of ultimate frisbee in one of the indoor arenas at the facility.

He talked about his trip on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint:

FLINT: Yes, this isn't a trail ride, you're gonna work, you're going to work with that horse, you're going to get to know that horse, you're going to build that relationship with that horse. And then you're going to get out and have some fun riding and playing Ultimate Frisbee. But the work is part of the process and part of the healing process.


ROSENDALE: Really, it is it is and so they they've got an incredible program out there at the Intermountain Equestrian Center. Paul Gatzemeier had one of the board members out there, Dave Nordel, and they showed me the entire facility and then Bob brought us inside so we could go ahead and play three on three with this ultimate horseback football frisbee thing.


FLINT: It was back and forth. It was kind of funny too, because you started everybody,they started off a little slow and then you got going and I wasn't surprised if you guys were in a full blown run on some of those horses.


ROSENDALE: Yeah, it's like watching the dog out there at the park and you throw the frisbee and he runs down 50 yards just leaps up to catch it.

We also got the latest news from Capitol Hill with Congressman Rosendale. Click below for the full audio from our Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast:

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