A fire destroyed the Sober Beginnings Home in Billings and the victims need our help.

People love hot, home cooked meals. We all do. After the Sober Beginnings home burned down last week, we did an article on the clothing items needed for these guys. Keep spreading the word to friends and family, and all donations can be brought to SureStay in Billings.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

 Home cooked meals needed.

I got an email response from Kacy Keith who is organizing a meal train for the men who lost everything. If you'd like to make a home cooked meal for these guys, you can add your name to the meal train volunteer schedule. Click the link.

As of today, the fire victims have meals up until next week.

Some meals on the menu that people are donating include: tacos, a roast with sides, French toast bake, brisket and baked potato. You must make the meal for 10 people and deliver it at 6pm to the address below.

You have time to plan your meal and then deliver it to SureStay in Billings.

3040 King Avenue West
Billings MT

You must make the meal for 10 people and deliver it at 6pm to the address above. Giving back to this community is the best thing we can do during tough times. I hope this information helps spread the word. Send it to your friends and family too.

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