The Magic City Music Awards are coming up on October 15th from 4pm-8pm at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. I love everything about the Magic City Awards. It highlights everything wonderful about our live local music. From bands to those who play an instrument and those who perform different arts such as spoken word and even those of us on the radio and club djs. It is a night where all of the local talent comes together to celebrate music and its power.

I am sure most of us have seen all of these very talented artists that are nominated around town. More than likely at one of the venues that are nominated for an awards as well. I really love the fact that the Magic City Music Awards shines a bright light on how amazing our love of the arts is and recognizes those who get on the stage or take on the task of putting on a show and running sound, and even us radio kids who get on the air waves. I am extremely honored to be nominated this year for Radio DJ Of The Year. All of the djs nominated are extremely talented and there is a handful of my co-workers and friends on the list! Very lucky to have my name in the running with all of them. Just a side note but I am the only girl on the list! So that is totally blowing my mind how cool that is! Get on and vote and show your support for everyone who was nominated! Please vote for me!

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