Yesterday (08/23) was Find Your Inner Nerd Day, something I'm extremely familiar with. I will proudly show my love of pop culture, games of all kinds, and fantasy novels. But, the word "nerd" in this context means, "a person preoccupied with or devoted to a particular activity or field of interest." A single day shouldn't be the only day you show off your interests and passions. Here's what you can do here in Billings that would bring out and highlight interests to others.

Look Up Local Events in Billings Highlighting Your Interest

One of the things I use to highlight my interests is by finding other people who enjoy it. For example, I found interest in board games by attending board game nights at This House of Books downtown, which they hold every Thursday night.

If you're interested in any hobbies, such as bird watching, hiking, or even whitewater rafting, there are public groups on social media you can join and hop into discussions. No matter what it is. If it's local, you can even get together in person with them and actually do those activities. That's the best thing to do, in my opinion.

If You're Unsure About Your Passions, Explore Your Options

I found recently that I'm extremely interested and fascinated with the art of wax sealing envelopes. I think that it applies a more personal touch to things like cards or letters. And, I wouldn't have known about that had I not stumbled upon someone online who did wax seals for his real estate business. The same goes for literally anything. If you have friends who are interested in things you've only heard small things about, ask if you can tag along. I'm certain you'll find something new to nerd out about.

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These are all things I've done in order to explore my passions and interests, but I've also met new friends and had tons of fun doing so. I encourage you to reach out and look at all the opportunities around you to unleash the nerdy spirit we've all got inside of us.

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