Last night at Bike Night I had the pleasure of enjoying a hamburger from Sandee's and oh my gosh I forgot how wonderful they are! I remember being very little and we go to Sandee's when it was on 24th Street and they had (I believe) .25 hamburgers. Totally brought back a lot of memories of being little. Anyway after that it got me thinking about all of the awesome food truck we have here in Billings. To be honest I have not tried that many of them but now I am on a mission to find the best of the best! I am sure I am missing a bunch of them but these are the ones I could think of. If you had to pick your favorite who would it be? Who should I try? I always panic when I try new stuff so if there is something I should get let me know!


Fat Taco

Big Guy BBQ

Bayou City Catfish

Cajun Phatty's

Ember Cooking Co

Lindo Michoacan

Meat Shack BBQ

Mexican Flavor

Mia's Lumpia

Montana Melt

Khanthaly's Eggrolls

Gosh all this food talk made me want to have everything I listed! One of the things I love about the food trucks here in town is that they are local. Plus it is awesome that no matter what side of town you live on or work at you can always find one ready to serve up some yummy food! Totally need to go stalk one down and grab some grub!


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