This has nothing to do with its location, what businesses are along it, etc. I'm talking about the layout of it and trying to get in and out of the businesses.

No joke. I take King Ave every single day, twice a day. Once on to way to the station and once on the way home from the station. Most people I hear complain about one of two things: either there is too much traffic which doesn't phase me being from Seattle or the complaint of getting in and out of side streets or business entrances. AGREED. BINGO. YESSS.

I'm pretty sure the most accidents I have seen in this town are usually long King Ave. And not just this winter season, I'm talking Fall and Summer and Spring. Doesn't matter, I always see one. I think the worst area is trying to turn left out of Best Buy or Walmart. There are two exits, one with lights and also one without. Because it is nearly impossible to turn left out of the non-light intersections I usually use the lights but seriously... they were put there for people to use! If you don't get the timing right well.... accidents happen.

As far as road conditions go Grand Ave heading into downtown has my vote but that is a whole other story! Seriously, though... Am I wrong here to think King Ave doesn't flow very well when there is more than a couple cars?

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